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Our client a industry would like to hire permanently a Maintenance Manager in Attica to ensure functionality and efficiency of general plant services.


Responsible from a technical, organizational, economic and safety point of view, for the maintenance of production plants and general services (compressors, heating system, air conditioning, etc.).

Responsible for managing the personnel assigned to him in accordance with the directives of the Plant Management.

Responsible for the correct use, conservation in efficiency and compliance with the safety regulations in force of the vehicles and equipment present in the Maintenance Workshop.

Responsible for achieving the qualitative, quantitative, economic, safety and environmental protection objectives established with the Plant Management.

Ensures, in collaboration with the Production and Quality Control Functions, the functionality and efficiency of the systems, taking care of their maintenance both with prompt intervention and with prevention programs, using internal and, if necessary, external resources in collaboration with the Procurement and with RSPP.

In collaboration with RSPP, He\She ensures the functionality and efficiency of fixed fire-fighting systems.

In collaboration with the Procurement function, He\She ensures the availability of the materials necessary for maintenance operations.

Personal skills: 

Practical, oriented to objectives and to problem solving, strong leadership, ability in conflict mediation and management, autonomy in decision making, relationship oriented, management and development of employees, delegation capacity, stress management, time management / organization, safety and environmental sustainability sensible.


Technical studies, previous working experience in leading a manufacturing facility,  fluent English.

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