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We are a small logistic company located in Germany. We provide different kind of services to our clients. We need a driver for our upcoming projects they can be freelancers or students who are willing to do a part time job and have good hands on driving. 

Our one engineer will be sitting with the driver who will be doing testing via phone or other devices. Their will be a specific route that will be followed and instructed by our engineer. Also, you may need to stop at a particular place and may wait for hours.

Requirements – with or without vehicle. Good driving experience. EU Drivers license.

Vehicle – if you have the right vehicle we will pay for that. If not we arrange the car/van that fits our project

you will be informed mostly previous day, some cases couple of hours before 

Hours of work – 5 to 9 hours a day

You will also paid an amount of 10-12 euros per hour.

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